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Team SteerClear finished as runners-up in the Deloitte Garage Hackathon! (2019)

Team SteerClear finished as runners-up out of 70+ participants in the Deloitte Amsterdam Garage Hackathon held in 2019, by designing a Blockchain-based renewable energy installation platform called WATTOKEN.

It was a rigorous 2-month online challenge inviting developers, data scientists (-analysts), marketing gurus, designers, startups and idea generators to team up and propose next-generation ideas across two of Deloitte’s business departments - The future of Mobility and Energy.

The Challenge

Through the use of digital technologies, how might energy producers generate a quick, comprehensive overview of the unique (and optimal) renewable energy options to power a specific household? This would be accomplished by taking into account a household’s energy consumption rate, type/build of the home, geographic location, (service) infrastructure, government incentives, and more.

WATTOKEN is a customized collaboration tool involving key stakeholders in Dutch urban renewable energy development to design, plan, install and trade solar energy (and store) from individual households on a Blockchain platform.

A big congratulations to the team!

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